Pirate Frenzy Airdrop

Play Pirate Frenzy – a Play-to-Airdrop Mini-App on Telegram by @PirateClash_HQ for the community and newcomers alike. 🐋

👉 Join the Airdrop now: https://t.me/pirate_frenzy_bot?start=vnkhtTRx0C

Merge and level up fish to unlock amazing rewards in the upcoming airdrop of Pirate Clash đŸĒ‚

😍 Later, $PEARL earned from Pirate Frenzy can be converted to $iPBT or $gPBT and used to leverage your earnings within the main gameplay (Pirate Clash Extension) for more airdrops.

ℹī¸ Check out this Tweet for more Information!

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